„We like to take the time to cook together in the evening. Judith is still studying and Fabian often travels for work – so the finest ingredients and good food in the evening add quality to our daily life“.


Young couple

„I commute between Prague, London and Düsseldorf and I like to switch off by cooking at home. I therefore rely on brands that I can trust and which are cost-effective.“



„I am a professional trainer, so of course I care about my nutrition. Rapeseed oil has an ideal composition in terms of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. I use 1845 for my low-carb salad after training.“


Fitness trainer

„As a working mum, I like to cook different dishes for me and Marie. Then I cook for three at the weekend when my husband comes home. I like to try out new products, and 1845 immediately struck me from the store shelf.“


Young family

„When Andreas approached me in the marketing pitch, at first I was surprised about what the new design was going to be. I mainly used olive oil before, and I honestly wouldn’t have known where to begin with rapeseed. The more I dealt with the topic and tried the products, the more I liked the concept that was developed. 1845 is now an integral part of my work, and of course also of my kitchen”.



„We like to rely on quality and tradition. Company values and confidence are important to us, and for us 1845 represents these values exactly. Even if products in this form are still new on the market – for us the company radiates confidence, and we also like the bottle because it fits perfectly in our kitchen.”


Retired couple

„I am an animal protection activist. I like the 1845 concept and the products also look good in my apartment.”



„As a father of a new-born baby, a doctor and a dog and horse owner, I must be able to count on products and their quality for my work and my family. For us, 1845 is a new brand which can however excel through tradition and expertise. It is an excellent product from a nutritional/physiological point of view, and I find the bottle visually appealing.“


Doctor | Father

„In my job I have to be creative and try out new things every day. This includes aesthetic aspects, but also a lot of spatial imagination and specialist expertise. The same applies to cooking – I like to experiment, but I must also be able to count on my ingredients so that my dishes will work. As I often cook Asian curries in a wok, I like to use 1845 coconut rapeseed oil. The coconut flavour is not too overpowering and can be dispensed very easily.“


Graphic and store designer